Merchant Warrior has provided countless merchants with rock solid processing services, and below is just a small sample of the great things some of our customers have to say about us.

The Merchant Warrior team have been great to work with. Not very many payment gateway providers exhibit the professionalism, dedication and personalised service to their clients like Merchant Warrior. Merchant Warrior's insider knowledge of the trade will not only save you time but money as well. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of an exceptional payment gateway provider.
Pankaj Patel, Director - CoverPack Pty Limited
Security and customer support were the two of the most important factors when the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) were researching payment gateways for our new website. After our first conversation we very quickly established that Merchant Warrior would meet all of our objectives and more.

Security is obviously paramount to an organisation such as ours. Merchant Warrior met all our requirements on this front and their service and support had an excellent knowledge of their products and were always more than happy to help us with any request. Nothing was too much to ask, all questions were quickly answered and any issues addressed promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation in the future.
Ben Dullard, National Membership Director -
When approached by anyone enquiring as to who we use to process online payments, I tell them to look no further than Merchant Warrior. Secure, reliable, helpful, caring, passionate and personal are just some of the words I use to describe the services provided by Merchant Warrior and their team. I always feel like they are an extension of my own team, and that they value me as their most important customer. What more can you ask for?
John Daniels, Technical Director -
There was a lot of urgency in getting our online sales up and running for summer. The banks were giving us as much trouble as possible, but the Merchant Warrior team smoothed everything over and made the whole process of setting up online sales a breeze. I would definitely recommend them.
Tim Simon, Director -
Had it not been for the unbelievable service that Broo received from Merchant Warrior the strict time line for our national promotion would not have been achieved and the promotion could have been a complete disaster.

I would suggest to any business that if you are considering a gateway provider for your merchant account, look no further than Merchant Warrior. Put your faith in the people that know best and can walk you through every step of the way.

Merchant Warrior, my sincerest gratitude for a job well done. You have my total respect for your commitment to customer service that I have honestly never experienced before.
Kent Grogan, Owner -
Merchant Warrior have provided exceptional customer service from the very first phone call. Over the time I have been dealing with them, I have called Merchant Warrior at all hours of the day.. and night. They have maintained a consistently responsive and friendly attitude throughout. One thing that stands out is their detailed knowledge of the Australian Banking industry, providing useful advice on who to talk to, and what to look out for. Overall I am extremely happy with Merchant Warrior, and would recommend their service to anyone looking for a responsive, cost-effective Payment Gateway.
Michael Mulligan, Director -
Since beginning our relationship with Merchant Warrior we have been delighted to see every promise fulfilled and a level of customer service which is difficult to find in any supplier or service provider. You have exceeded our expectations and provided a pleasing cost saving to our business.
Greg Mate, CEO -
Femplay Australia has used Merchant Warrior for online payment processing since 2009. We have been impressed with the consistent reliability of the MW service and the ease of use of the MW console.

Our transaction volume has almost doubled since we began using the MW system and we have been impressed with the consistently high level of service and reliability we have received throughout.

We have not experienced any continuity issues with MW and are happy to recommend them to any business requiring reliable and secure online payment processing.
Jenifer Grant, General Manager -
Merchant Warrior made signing up to online processing totally painless. They arranged the quotes from the banks, and advised on the differences in charging schemes, so we could find the cheapest one for our business. There were clear explanations of what we needed, and nothing was too much trouble - even making interface changes we suggested to improve our workflow! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs a credit card processing gateway.
Angus Lithgow, General Manager -
Merchant Warrior is a great Payment gateway solution that offers exceptional customer service. Here at Roof Rack City we use the transparent redirect payment solution which allows us to have a custom designed payment page that fits our look and feel while payments are processed behind the scenes by Merchant Warrior. This works great for us because we get the look we want and a PCI Compliant solution. I highly recommended M.W. Great Service Great Product.
Jake Boulton, Web Projects Manager -
As a company that needs to keep customer credit card details we needed a secure solution. After searching around for a partner that supported Token Payments we found Merchant Warrior and we were glad that we did, the API is well featured and made writing the module to our billing system extremely easy.

We used to communicate directly with the bank and found their system to be extremely unreliable and moving to Merchant Warrior we have had no issues with reliability.

We have been using Merchant Warrior for a number of years now and are extremely happy with the service and customer support we receive.
Ashley Breeden, Managing Director -
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