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Internet Merchant Account

Merchant Service Fee

0.5 to ~1.5%

Payment Gateway

annual fee


per txn


Internet Merchant Account

A Merchant Warrior Internet Merchant Account enables you to seamlessly process payments and provides you with additional features that are not available via other Acquirers

Starting from


0.5 to ~1.5

Payment Gateway

The Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway is integrated with 200+ billing solutions and has enhanced APIs readily available to accommodate any payment implementation

Use the slider below to determine the right plan for you based on the number of transactions you will process per month


1 - 40 transactions / month

Approximately 1 transaction per month




Phone Payments

The Merchant Warrior IVR enables you to receive payments via toll free (13, 1300 or 1800), local and/or international phone numbers


1 - 1,000 transactions / month




Direct Debit

The Merchant Warrior Direct Debit Platform enables you to process payments from bank accounts




Premium Fraud Detection & Prevention

Prevent fraudulent transactions and detect potential fraudulent activity with advanced tools based on algorithims, AI and years worth of behavioural analysis


* Registered Charities and Not For Profit Organisations receive a 50% discount on Annual Fees only
* Purchase our 2 year loyalty package and save 10% or save 20% with our 3 year loyalty package
* Loyalty package discounts apply to Annual Fees only
* Direct Debit dishonour fees charged at $2.00 per dishonour

Join the list of successful merchants who have chosen Merchant WarriorCustom Pricing

Custom pricing and white label solutions are readily available for businesses that are eager to work with our global payment processing platform

All Packages include

Card support

Support for all major credit cards and banks

PCI Compliance

PCI DSS level 1 certified security


Easy-to-use merchant admin interface

Custom support

24/7 customer support

Does your company require custom pricing?