Payment Solutions

Merchant Warrior has a variety of products which are designed to help merchants accept online payments. Our products cater for merchants of all sizes from small business to corporate clients. Integrating Merchant Warrior into your website will give your business the edge that it requires to process online payments simply in a secure environment.

Merchant Warrior - Warrior Express / Direct API Direct API
Merchant Warrior - Warrior Fuse / Transparent Redirect Transparent Redirect
Merchant Warrior - Warrior Express / Token Payments Token Payments
Merchant Warrior - Batch Payments Batch Payments
Merchant Warrior - Phone Payments Phone Payments
Merchant Warrior - Warrior VT / Virtual Terminal Virtual Terminal
Merchant Warrior - Recurring Payments Recurring Payments
Merchant Warrior - Warrior Fuse / Hosted Payments Hosted Payments

Why pay for "extras" that should be part of the standard service?

  • Modifying your account information for any reason is FREE
  • Basic fraud detection & prevention platform is FREE
  • Account approval within an hour is FREE

Having troubles establishing a Merchant Account?

Merchant Warrior offers a premium service to each of its clients. Clients are provided with assistance in establishing a merchant account with competitive rates. Merchant Warrior acts on behalf of each of its clients to ensure that they receive the best rates from their Bank and that these rates are reduced as transactional volumes increase.

This service is FREE of charge and another reason why merchants choose Merchant Warrior to process their online payments.

Require a Custom Solution?

Require a custom solution?

Does your company need custom processing solutions? Get in touch. We can help.

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Join Merchant Warrior and allow your website to accept the following payment methods: