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Token Payments

The Merchant Warrior Token Payments solution is an extension of the Warrior Express product. The Token Payments solution provides merchants with a secure platform to store credit card information and interact with an advanced API to process credit card transactions and remain PCI DSS Compliant.

Token Payments provides merchants with the ability to take control of processing periodic transactions without the requirement of storing customer credit card information locally. All credit card information is encrypted and stored by Merchant Warrior in a military grade data centre.

Merchant Warrior's Token Payments is the ideal solution for merchants seeking a payment solution for their project that allows them to securely store credit card data encrypted off-site and access this information for processing purposes when required.

How does this help with PCI Compliance?

"PCI DSS requirements are applicable if a Primary Account Number (PAN) is stored, processed, or transmitted. If PAN is not stored, processed, or transmitted, PCI DSS requirements do not apply." - PCI DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures, Version 2.0 (Page 7)

The Merchant Warrior Token Payments solution focuses on aiding merchants outsource the storage of customer credit card information. Certain merchants will want to avoid storing credit card data locally but will still require the ability to process and transmit this information. The Token Payments extension is an ideal solutions for merchants with these requirements.

Merchant Warrior Token Payments ensures that the scope of PCI DSS Compliance is significantly reduced and provides merchants with a cost effective solution that will assit in achieving PCI DSS Compliance.

What are the benefits?

  • You do not store ANY credit card information locally
  • You will pass on your major PCI responsibilities to Merchant Warrior
  • All credit card information is stored with strong encryption
  • Advanced encryption techniques
  • Simple integration
  • Advanced token management utilities
  • Store credit card information ONCE → process future transactions when required

How does it work?

  • Your customer passes their credit card information to you (the merchant) over the phone, by mail order or by other means.
  • You submit your customer's credit card information to Merchant Warrior.
  • Merchant Warrior provides you with a Token which references your customer's credit card.
  • You store (if required) the Token which Merchant Warrior provides you with to reference your customer's payment information.
  • Future transactions for your customer will not require any credit card information to be submitted to Merchant Warrior.
  • You remove and replace credit card information with a Token for processing future transactions.
Merchant Warrior - Warrior Fuse

The Merchant Warrior testing environment is readily available for any merchants wishing to integrate with Merchant Warrior. All development information relating to the Warrior Express Token Payments solution can be retrieved from our Developer Zone.