Warrior Express
Direct API

The Warrior Express (Direct API) solution is a service dedicated to merchants that are seeking a direct connection to the Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway.

The Direct API Integration enables merchants to process credit card and check transactions in real time directly through any ecommerce solution such as shopping carts, web pages and other billing softwares. Merchants are given the ability to maintain their own branding whilst utilizing the Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway to process online transactions.

The Direct API solution can be extensively customized for a seamless integration that ensures that the merchant's customers remains under the impression that the merchant processes all online transactions themselves.

Why use Merchant Warrior's API?

The Merchant Warrior API offers advanced functionality, comprehensive documentation and is a solution which is simple to integrate. Most websites will discuss an API integration as being a difficult process, this is not true. Merchant Warrior's Warrior Express (Direct API Integration) solution ensures that merchants are given round the clock assistance (should it even be required) to make integration a simple and hassle free task.

The Merchant Warrior API is an extremely flexible solution which can be integrated directly into any billing environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Customer's stay on your website at ALL times
  • Advanced API that is easy to integrate
  • Supports major transaction types (Payment, Refund, Reversal, Pre Authorize, Recurring)
  • Extremely flexible
  • Fully supports Multi Currency
  • Premium fraud detection & prevention on ALL transactions
  • Supports large transactional volumes

How does it work?

  • Your customer enters their payment information into your website or billing software.
  • You compile a transaction with your customer's payment information.
  • You submit the compiled transaction to the Merchant Warrior Processing Platform (API) for processing.
  • The outcome of the transaction (whether it be approved or declined) is sent back to your website or billing software.
  • You display the details of the transaction response to your customer however you wish.
Merchant Warrior - Warrior Fuse

Free integration tools are provided to all developers and the Merchant Warrior testing environment is readily available to test integrations. All development information relating to the Warrior Express (Direct API) solution can be retrieved from our Developer Zone.